Sunday, June 04, 2006

Really dumb stuff

Point - I live in switzerland

Point - I own an Apple Mac

Point - I speak English

Point - If I buy something online from Apple I am forced to use the Swiss Apple store

Point - the Swiss Apple store only supports German and French

Point - If I hit upgrade in Quicktime it takes me to the US Apple store site and then I cannot buy anything because it puts my Swiss address details into the form and then fixes the country to USA and that cannot be changed.

Point - This is an example of the purest form of idiocy SHAME ON YOU APPLE for not thinking through your users use cases and SHAME ON YOU APPLE for not accepting my US AMEX credit card in the Swiss Apple store.

I am unhappy and I would be a customer but you APPLE will not let me be a customer you just make me suffer from your crippled software without any chance to upgrade it.


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